Megan Phillips Design


People Pleaser Productions is an Australian based independent production company. This logo represents the witty, comical, artistic, and heroin lead vision of the company founder, Laura D'Augello. 

More than simply creating a logo, Laura's vision was to tell her story through imagery. As a kid, Laura ran around the house filming her family with her handycam. As she grew up her love of film continued and blossomed, finding specific inspiration in Wes Anderson and comedy television. Laura's first film titled "FunnyBone" is about a comedian that is diagnosed with a career-ending case of the dullpox and must enter rehab to recover his sense of humor. This logo was created to represent the celebration of Laura's story (little girl with a handycam), who she became (a more mature film maker with inspiration from Wes Anderson), and her first project (color scheme to reflect that of a clown as featured in FunnyBone).

You can visit Laura's website HERE.