Megan Phillips Design




Belmont University


Temporary Associate Manager of Fabric Operations - Collection & Men's Purple Label // January 2016-Present 

   * Follow-up on proto, sample, and stock yarn/fabric; including dye-lots, price and delivery. Communicate all updates and concerns to  manufacturers.
   * Communicate raw material details for factory garment invoices;
material pricing, genus/species
   * Track lab-dips and monitor color approval status against calendar
   * Initiate, maintain and distribute a weekly yarn/fabric status report.



Temporary Ready to Wear Production Assistant // June 2015-January 2016

   * Create clean, orderly, and legible delivery schedules for factories.
   * Create tracking report for current collection and update fabric
groups, i.e.,  when yardage was shipped/received, what goes into each garment,            where a sample is in the production process and  when it is shipped/received, how much money will be received per style.This report must be            updated daily so it can be utilized and reviewed by VP, production team, sales team, and COO.
   * Prepare cost sheets at the beginning of a collection and update for
VP, Sales, and COO.
   * Organize fittings twice weekly with sales team, design team, and
 pattern makers. Take notes during fitting, take pictures of the garments, print off        fit notes and give to pattern makers.
   * Communicate with factories to make sure I know where a sample is,
what stage of production it is in, am able to track when it is being shipped,            and assist manager and VP in organizing timeline for each garment in production. 
   * Make tech packs to send to factories for pre-production samples. 
Work with team fabric buyer, fabric room manager, pattern makers, and factories      to make sure samples are made correctly and stay on schedule. 
   * Process all RTW invoices, write and organize purchase orders.
   * Type cutter’s musts to give to factories, work with pattern makers
and sample cutter to make sure everything is properly prepared to send to                factories. Type trim sheets to give to factories which contain a breakdown of what goes into the making of one garment.    
   * Update style details in A2000 including labor price, cut price, duty
percentage, freight cost, wholesale price, retail price, mark & grade cost.
   * Prepare trim bags for all domestic styles which include labels, size
tags, buttons, snaps, any embellishments, care/content labels
   * Work with pattern makers to make sure garments are checked and
pressed for fittings. After fittings, I make sure that pattern makers have the              correct comments and work with them to ensure garments are fully prepared for factories.
   * Work with modeling agency to schedule fit models and process all
   * Work with Sales team to send out and track samples for online
retail photoshoots. Work between Sales team and factory if a TOP sample needs to      be made in a particular color for retailers.
   * Served as lead assistant to VP while manager was on maternity
 leave for three months.



Ready to Wear Sales Intern // June 2013 - August 2013